A Healthy Crush loves taking its message on the road. Our Info Presentations can be structured for large companies, small groups, or events. Our goal is to provide insightful information to start or maintain your healthy journey. Although we follow the African Bio Mineral Balance Methodology, we like to structure our presentations based on the needs of the group. Style and content can be formatted for the demographic, theme, or health needs of the audience. For a list of current A Healthy Crush Events CLICK HERE.


Often,  “healthy” gets a bad rap for being “tough and time consuming”. We want to give you tips, examples, and feedback to shed light on why certain things may not be working and how to seamlessly add balance to your existing routine. And the best part? We also bring delicious examples to share with participants that incorporate some of the changes we suggest in our presentation.

Current presentations include (but are not limited to)

  • A Presentation of the African Bio Mineral Balance | How Changing Your Diet Can Change Your Life
  • How to Eat To Live Workshop | Top 10 Food and Lifestyle Changes to Help You Become Your Healthiest Self
  • Beyond Vegan Cooking Class | Eating from Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide
  • Mucus Free Food Detox | How to Navigate a Food Detox
  • Talk and Taste (Children’s Format) | Great Yummy Change Outs for “Junk Food”.

A Healthy Crush (Kelly Keelo and Carl “Crush” Foster) present as a team, or individually, depending on the demographic of the participants and the topic asked to present. We are available for national and international presentations, as well as panel discussions and televised segments. We have experience presenting for all age groups and can reformat our presentations for children and teens.


Find out more about our National Tour!

kelly keelo water 12.5.15

Kelly Keelo is the Owner and Brand Architect of A Healthy Crush LLC. She is a graduate of Boston University with a BS in Mass Communications | Minor in Nutritional Studies. Recently turning 40, her passion is to educate from the perspective of her personal experiences with aging, weight maintenance, and auto intoxication. She is an African Bio Mineral Balance Advocate. She has alleviated several digestive issues, adult acne, inflammation and joint pain using much of the information that she shares during her talks. She is also a Lifestyle Architect, an avid yoga enthusiast, Graphic Designer, and champion for shopping with small businesses in local communities.

Prior to launching the company in 2009, she was the Production Director of Video for Tyra Banks. Her mission is to continue her family’s legacy of service which is propelled by her grandfather, Tuskegee Airman, Daniel Keel.



CARL HEAD SHOT webCarl “Crush” Foster is the Founder of Juice Hugger LLC . He was the   Executive Chef for Juice Hugger’s A Healthy Crush Cafe for 5 years – developing all beverage, juice cleanse and food|snack recipes. Currently, he handles all Food Product Development for A Healthy Crush. This year he has developed our Alive Tonic, Launch Box and all the recipes included in our Mucus Free Food Detox and Beyond Vegan Cookbook.

Juice Hugger was started rather organically 6 years ago while he attempted and succeeded in shedding over 50 pounds put on through a sedentary job environment filled with stressful days. He was so inspiring to others that they asked his advice and services to create beverages and meals for them to help with weight loss and chronic health related issues. Initially he started in California and then expanded his reach by opening a cafe in Brooklyn, NY.

His parents were both born in Barbados. His recipes have a distinctive island flare that enhances his organic, whole food dishes.He is an African Bio Mineral Balance Advocate working exclusively with foods on the Dr. Sebi Nutritional Guide.





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