Have you ever dreamed of living or owning a vacation home in the Caribbean? Did you know that the are beautiful houses for rent in barbados, land for sale, and container home companies that can build you a top quality space in under a month? If you’re looking to move a long distance and you have rather a lot to move countries with, you could look into shipping containers for sale.

JH LLC. is proud to be one of the only life style consultants for Barbados that can assist you in coordinating your island dream life. Based on your needs, we can provide seamless project management for the completion of your relocation | vacation home project.

Carl Foster is one of the owners of JH. LLC., a lifestyle brand that focuses on creating the best mind, body, soul connection for the healthiest life. Carl’s mother and father were both born in Barbados and have urged their son to bring his dynamic brand to Barbados to aid in the redevelopment of this amazing island. For the last 5 years, JH LLC. has focused on health and nutrition consultation in Brooklyn, NY.

Barbados has it all: beach resorts from humble to grand, smashing nightlife, a Unesco World Heritage capitol, Bridgetown, a beautiful interior dotted with gardens, wild surf on the lonely east coast and a proud and welcoming populace.

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Forget brick or stone, the trendiest building blocks for homes are shipping containers. The very same corrugated steel containers that transport cargo around the world are being transformed into new homes as well as additions. Though the concept sounds far-out, this construction method offers many benefits over traditional building methods.

Shipping containers were built to be durable. They are structurally sound and their Corten exteriors are fire and rust resistant. These units are ideal for regions prone to hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes. An average shipping container measures 40 feet long by eight feet wide by eight feet tall, or 320 square feet.


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