I was fat just 7 years ago. Which was a shock to this former high school life guard. Like many out there, I was addicted to sugar. While visiting a friend, I was introduced to juicing and after that first cup, I was hooked. Freeing my body of toxins and creating juices for my friends and family was just the kick I needed to drop the pounds of fat..and sorrow.

After being asked to create juices for a major barbershop in my Californian neighborhood, I had a eureka moment. Could it be possible for me to create a company that made juices with love and help others in the same position I had been in? On that day, Juice Hugger was born.

I put fear aside and jumped on a plane to New York in 2009 to start Juice Hugger with my childhood sweetheart . 8 years later and almost 60 pounds lighter I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude every time someone tells me how much our Brooklyn Cafe (Juice Hugger’s A Healthy Crush) changed their life by introducing them to detoxing, healthier food selections, or through the consultations we provided to our customers.

We entered the next phase of our business with the close of our Brooklyn cafe in October 2015. We officially renamed our company A Healthy Crush to incorporate all the various elements of our business.  We have independently published our guide, Mucus Free Food Detox, which offers step by step instructions on how to eat using Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide as well as 2 cookbooks in our Beyond Vegan series , Beyond Vegan | Chickpeas and Beyond Vegan | An Alkaline Holiday. These cookbooks focus on alkaline non hybrid food creation that is simple and tasty.  Not to mention, our artisan boxes called The Launch Box,  workshops, cooking classes and A Healthy Crush Pick Up Events. Man, I’m so excited for what the rest of 2017 has in store. For questions or inquiries, feel free to email me directly at crush@juicehugger.com


The evolution of our brand truly represents how we have evolved in our own healthy journey. After consulting clients for over 5 years in various ways to detox their bodies from toxin overload, I realized (even though I cleansed regularly) that my body suffered from leaky gut and severe joint pain due to sugar, yeast and a lack of minerals.

After following the Blood Type Diet, Paleo, Vegetarian and then Vegan food regimes – yet not feeling a balanced sense of wellness, we explored Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide..and within days my joint pain, constipation, adult acne, and inflammation started to dissipate. It made me feel reinspired as a Lifestyle Coach because I have “been there and done that” and understand the ups and downs of the journey.

After closing our Brooklyn Cafe in October 2015, we were free to have a company rebirth. We decided to create a guide to educate people on how to create meals using ingredients that compliment the body’s self healing process called the Mucus Free Food Detox as well as a cookbook series Beyond Vegan, which highlights, simple, tasty recipes for those looking to “eat clean”. We have also developed a workshop called An Electric Journey | How to Ignite An Alkaline Lifestyle that teaches people how to eat to live using Dr. Sebi’s African Bio Mineral Balance Methodology and have a line of Alkaline Herbs to aid in your body’s self repair. Instead of focusing on Brooklyn, we have opened our brand up to the world – with orders from Australia, Japan, Europe, and the Caribbean and workshops provided throughout the East Coast – I am truly grateful to be a catalyst for people looking to become their healthiest self.

I am also ecstatic about our latest product – The Crown of Brooklyn Hair Detox Kit created to detox the scalp and add minerals throughout the hair follicles. The initial response has been amazing and we are excited for what lies ahead.

If you have any questions about our books, workshops, alkaline herbs, or hair detox kit, feel free to email me directly at keelo@juicehugger.com. Or follow me on Instagram at A Healthy Crush!  Remember  – “You don’t have to change the menu, just change the ingredients!”


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