A HEALTHY CRUSH is a Brooklyn based healthy life style brand created by Healthy Chef, Crush Foster, and Lifestyle |Branding Architect, Kelly Keelo. They are African Bio Mineral Balance Advocates. They create products, content, and food experiences for today’s health conscious consumer. Their mission is to provide products and resources that make living a healthy lifestyle tasty, fun and easy to maintain!

  • A Healthy Crush is officially the parent company of Juice Hugger.

BACKGROUND | Juice Hugger was established in 2009 | Carl “Crush” Foster had an epiphany moment after he lost over 50 pounds by creating juice blends and modifying his diet. Friends and colleges wanted him to make juices for them when they noticed his weight loss and healthy glow. He reached out to friend and branding consultant, Kelly Keelo, who loved the idea of not only branding and becoming co-owner of the company, but also starting her own wellness journey. Initially the brand started as a website and online store until they opened Juice Hugger’s Healthy Crush Cafe in 2011.

At A Healthy Crush Cafe, pressed juices and juice cleanses were sold along with tonics, gluten free snacks, and tasty portion controlled meals; free juice detox consultations were provided to clients.Through their consultations with clients and talks with customers, it was clear that many people in their Brooklyn community were auto toxifying themselves through unhealthy eating patterns that created acidic environments in their bodies. Processed foods were leading them to early Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, acid reflux, ulcers and a host of other diseases. It is a well known fact that what you consume can also have a powerful effect on your psychological well-being, why is why more and more people are turning to places like this, and taking supplements like Sarms USA in an effort to boost their serotonin levels.

When Juice Hugger’s A Healthy Crush Cafe closed in October 2015 with the sale of the building that their cafe resided, Crush and Keelo decided this was an opportunity to expand their reach in order to help more people. A Healthy Crush was established as the prominent brand identity of their healthy lifestyle movement.


Healthy lifestyle choices have gotten a bad wrap. For many, “healthy” screams bland and boring. A Healthy Crush creates products and recipes that bring the “yum” back to healthy. We like to educate people to consider looking more closely at factors that may be inhibiting their ability to stay on a healthy eating regime. Detoxing and changing the way you look at food can be THE KEY to staying on a healthy food track. Eating foods that are least detrimental to the body so that it has the ability to heal itself can change your life. A Healthy Crush is dedicated to helping you become your healthiest self.

The Mucus Free Food Detox is a comprehensive “how to” created using approved foods from Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide. It is a great resource for those looking for a system or elimination meal plan of foods that will help provide the body with the proper balance to heal itself.

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The Beyond Vegan Cookbook is the first in our new series that shows you how to cook using healing foods that fuel the body and provide it the proper minerals to aid in self repair.

How to Eat to Live is our online coaching program that walks you through the process of changing your lifestyle in order to follow a successful healthy food regime. We focus on the entire mind, body, soul connection.

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For the Love of Health & Happiness!

Sincerely We Are,

Carl “Crush” Foster and Kelly Keelo




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