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A Healthy Crush clients are experiencing great success by using our program to reshape their bad food choices into healthy habits! We have incorporated some of our cafe client’s favorite meals into a clean eating plan that is flavorful, nutrient dense, and pocket friendly.

We offer our coaching and consultation throughout the eCourse!  Our guidance has helped our clients fine tune how they organize their kitchens and eating patterns so that eating healthy works with their life style.  We have helped those that want to detox from their existing poor diet, eat clean due to poor health, restart their healthy journey, or give vegan meals a try (though this plan does have meat options, if that is your preference). If you are doing the Daniel Fast, a group weight loss challenge, want to explore a healthy life style with friends and family, …or you are alone and want the option of being a part of a group to give you support – this is a great plan for you! Now, you have all the tools accessible to you that you would get in any comprehensive college course, all you need is a computer..or smart phone!. This plan can be used before or after a juice cleanse if you desire. It can spearhead your healthy journey and help you maintain it with the charts, lists and the advice we share. You will  spend 10 days exploring the ins and outs of why certain recommendations are made and why they are so important to your overall health and aging process. The only test from this course is a test of your will and want to make a change. Most people have never taken a break from what they normally eat to truly know the impact that it is having on their overall health and happiness.There is this perception that cooking “healthy” is really labor intensive. Not true! Give yourself a week to explore a new way of shopping, cooking, eating and organizing your kitchen. After a week, you will have noticeably better skin, digestion, less joint pressure and inches shed (from less bloat and inflammation). We have worked hard on the food chart and shopping list to make it economical. For most people, your grocery bill shouldn’t exceed $100 dollars.

How To Eat Clean summary 2.5.16

I have spent the last 5 years as Executive Chef of A Healthy Crush cafe developing recipes that are healthy, nutrient dense, and most importantly (if you are in the restaurant business) tasty & memorable. I was inspired to become a healthy food chef and health coach after my own experience with feeling heavy & unhealthy. My road has shown me so many obstacles…and how to over come them. I wanted to show people in the same situation I was in what tools I used to loose over 50 pounds and keep it off for over 5 years. This eCourse is designed from what we do when we want to feel like our best selves. I want to show you the change outs that you can make to your shopping list and every day meals to keep you healthy and focused. I want to share with you some of the tips and tricks that I use to stay away from my weakness – sugar! I can honestly say that I am a sugar addict and know that the easiest way to avoid eating what you shouldn’t is to have a solid plan and an arsenal of healthy foods you do like, that will make the junk look like garbage! Let me introduce you to some foods that taste great and make you feel even better.
Exploring healthy options isn’t a job for me, its a lifestyle. I feel like I have been on a parallel journey with most of my clients; I am just the catalyst for the information that helps them, and me. I just turned 40 and I have had tons of digestion issues throughout my life that I don’t want causing me distress as I get older. It’s only been through detoxing and reworking my meals and putting a firm line in the sand for what I will and will not eat (and when) that I feel comfortable in my own body. I have a really hard time metabolizing sugar, gluten, and alcohol. So giving up many things people indulge in is a necessity. We have found creative ways to readjust my palate and refocus how I see food, so that I don’t feel “left out” when most people are eating. I’d love to share that information with you. This eCourse isn’t about giving up the meals that you love, its about learning how to make the same meals with real, whole foods that heal and fuel the body, instead of toxifying it. During the 7 days you will be asked to live on a list of food items that you may not be used to – but that is the point – exposing you to healthy foods that may in fact taste way better than the processed stuff ; you may have just never given it a chance. It’s also about realizing that food that tastes good isn’t necessarily good for you. You have to focus more on how it makes you feel. For some of you, it really is an issue of life or death. Let me share with you my perspective on participating in a clean eating week and how cleansing has changed her life. I will focus on some of my challenges with skin and hair growth when not maintaining a healthy diet and my go to solutions for my digestion issues.
Not sure yet if this eCourse is right for you? For a limited time, we are offering a FREE sample of our course so that you get a better understanding of the type of information you will be receiving during the 10 days. We are excited to share this with you! Our last January eCourse has sold out…and our clients have really seen a shift in what they eat and why. We want to help you eat to live! CLICK HERE for access to the course!


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My mind is clearer, my digestive system is on the mend; I can feel it. I’m less bloated with more energy. Healthier habits are forming. I didn’t write in the journals every day but I needed to see how ‘crazy’ it is that I can’t take time to journal. Of course I can but what am I afraid to confront? Eating habits are so tied to emotions! This program was just what I needed for the next step in my journey to wholeness inside and out. Thanks for sharing your knowledge compassionately. Ledona

Employer, Hebrew Senior Life

The energy level is great right now. I just walked my dog for about an hour and got 9 of my 11K step goal for the day! BTW, I now have to make another batch of the kale chips because my wife ate half of my first batch! Daniel

Owner, Watford Associates

I sleep more soundly. I’ve definitely noticed that. My skin looks better, I feel better, I have more energy. The effects are just amazing. The less bloat was significant for me. I also lost 5 lbs. A great experience. Thanks Crush Foster and Kelly Keelo!! You guys are great! Heidi

Millis, MA

…. I have to truly say I thought this was going to be a hard experience and that I would give up and get stuck by Wednesday. By Wednesday, I was calling friends early in the morning telling them I feel like I can back flip, sorta felt like skipping to work. Keep in mind I would have a Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut Caramel Coffee with extra extra (guilty pleasure). I have not had any coffee, I have had no headaches. No sugar craving or salt cravings, which I thought was weird, Can this be happening so fast? I am in shock and would like to keep this up. I thought I hydrated enough, Not!!! And I tell people to hydrate, go figure! Loving and learning alot with this experience so far. I am also proud of my children for at least taking two bites, or trying a drink in support of me. Charnita

Owner, Boston Wraps & Reasons



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