It’s hard seeing all of these people in the possible path of Hurricane Irma buying up stock piles of non foods that will clog their systems in this state of emergency. We desperately need to learn how to cook with REAL FOOD. We came up with our Beyond Vegan series of books, just for this reason. Beyond Vegan | Chickpeas teaches you how to cook using chickpeas and chickpea (garbanzo) flour to make various meals that could save you tons of money used on processed food. You can make omelets, chick’n nuggest, fishcakes, crepes, cheese and more using just this base ingredient.

Our book An Alkaline Holiday teaches you how to make fun, tasty creative electric meals that are plant based and simple to make. Mushrooms, squash, burro banana, key lime, hemp seeds, nuts, herbs, sea moss and bladderwrack powder – these things will keep in a storm!! You don’t have to just stock canned and boxed processed foods. We are offering 30% off all of our eBooks this weekend. Just in case you are inspired to learn how to eat to live. ALL recipes follow Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide. COUPON CODE – 36XJRZ8Y – A Healthy Crush Books.


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