You want to start eating from the approved items on Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide but many of the items may be unfamiliar to you. Often, you aren’t going to find items that aren’t highly sought out by the “general consumer” in your regular grocery store. For some folks, this throws them off course, ” I want easy access to these foods?”, they say. However, you may want to view this as further proof that these approved foods are less likely to be GMOed or sprayed with heavy pesticides. They are usually grown on smaller farms or Caribbean countries.

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Burro Banana, Chayote, Young Coconuts, Brazil Nuts, and Ancient Grains can usually be found in Caribbean, Korean or Chinese Markets. If you have a strong Caribbean community or a China Town in your city, those are great places to look.
You may also be surprised to find items in places like Fairway and Western Beef. Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are the normal go-to’s for most when thinking about healthy shopping, but you may find better prices and produce elsewhere. I suggest doing some online research of your area to find out if stores carry obscure items before you make the trek. Or call to see when their regularly scheduled deliveries are so that you ensure that the items you are looking for are in stock.
You could coordinate with other people in your area who follow an alkaline vegan diet too.You can buy items in bulk together in order to lower your costs and perhaps save time. Each person can have a designated store they go to for the group with a meet up to exchange items. You may find out about Farmer’s Markets in your area from networking with this new community. Obscure fruits and vegetables can be frozen if you want to keep them fresh.
You may also find success buying Herbs and Ancient Grains online from healthy food websites. Although Amazon could be a good online resource, there are some great small businesses online that may source hard to find ingredients. If you can keep your purchases locally in your own community, you should!
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Ask the stores in your area to stock these products. Often, stores are happy to accommodate if you tell them you will buy the item frequently and direct others to their store who are in search of the same product.
Just know that you have options and where there is a will there is a way. You can do this! Eat to LIVE!

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