I have suffered with joint pain for years. I used to have to put pillows under my legs at night just to be comfortable enough to sleep due to the inflammation. That all changed, for the most part, with I started to eat exclusively from Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide. Slowly the pain subsided and the pillows weren’t as necessary – unless I do strenuous activities or sit in my chair too long. My lower back, psoas muscle, and lower calf scream “nahhh” if I try to do too much. That’s when I break out the “Eva Salve“.

Eva Salve 1

I love the cool herbal smell of the sage. It’s like a lightweight Vicks smell (to give you some perspective). It’s soothing and really zens me out. A great addition to a massage, for sure. And it feels like it is aiding in releasing some of the acid built up and around the joints. It releases the tightness in the muscle as well.

I also use the Eva Salve for my face. I put it on my mouth lines and my forehead and eyebrows. Not only does it lessen the lines but its a nice way to relax. Can be a very good time during meditation.

Also good if you feel an acne outbreak or a skin irritation. I put it on a rash I had from being exposed to wood dust and it calmed the area down immediately.


When I’d almost run out of it a few weeks ago, Mr. Awesome went and ordered me another one on the sly and when I saw it in the mail, I think I may have bust out into the Running Man (old school style, folks, sorry). So yes, virtual high five on this product.

Check back to our blog soon – I’ll be reviewing several more Dr. Sebi products in the very near future.

* I do not work for Dr. Sebi. I only relay his methodology and the power of his products because they have had such a positive effect on my life.


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