Before eating from Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide, I had alot of mineral deficiencies. Unfortunately, I’d acquired leaky gut when I initially turned to veganism. Leaky gut is like having the gates broken from your intestines to your blood stream so many of the particles that should never enter your blood stream get through.  When this happens, it causes inflammation throughout your body leading to a variety of diseases. Even though I participated in seasonal juice cleanses, I was eating soy, processed sugar, yeast and drinking alcohol regularly. The leaky gut caused toxin overload and my inflammation, joint pain, constipation and lack of mineral absorption was severe. This is why I always tell people that “becoming a vegan does not mean that you are taking a healthy path”. Many vegans switch from meat to an over abundance of starch.

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Using the Dr. Sebi Bromide Plus Power ( in conjunction  with the Nutritional Guide)  – with its 92 out of 102 minerals of the body included, has helped me get my sense of balance back. It feels like my cells are being “filled in” after drinking a cup. And I definitely feel a better sense of wellness because of it. I have experienced a great deal of relief from my previous symptoms, which is why I’m sharing:-)
But now…let’s talk about the taste. Ahhh…by itself or without a good recipe, its a complete turn off. I mean…if you like the smell and taste of uncooked seaweed, then its a totally score for you. Anyone else will turn their noses up and scream “Ohhh noooo”.
There is a silver lining though! When I don’t like the way something tastes, I turn to my partner, Crush Foster (Alkaline Chef Extraordinaire) to make it taste yummy. He’s created some  recipes to put the Bromide Powder in so that I can’t even taste it. And if you remember the amazing juice cleanse recipes that Crush is so well known for then you know, “I’m straaaaight.” 
Here is a great recipe to get Bromide Plus Powder (or something similar ) down with a smile. Healthy CAN taste great!
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4 Strawberries

2 tsp Bromide Plus Powder

4 Dates or 2 tbsp Date Syrup

1 Key Lime

1 Pinch Salt

1 Pinch Ground Clove

20oz Spring Water or desired or to desired texture (makes 2 servings)
Blend for 1 minute.
For my review of Dr. Sebi’s Eva Salve, Click HERE.

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