Do you follow the Dr. Sebi Nutritional Guide? For those of you who don’t fully understand what the Nutritional Guide is  – it is a list of foods that Dr. Sebi has determined to be least detrimental for fueling the body and allowing the body to heal and function optimally. Over the years, foods have been taken on and off – due to Dr. Sebi (and those whose research and guidance he trusts) doing further research. And when the list changes, some folks ugly cry and fight the air. They just can’t.

And look, to a degree, I completely understand. I remember a few years ago, if you told me I’d never eat dairy cheese again I would have given you the..”it’s the last dairy product I’ve held onto. I don’t think it really impacts my digestion. I just love pizza so….” speech. But as I’ve traveled through my food journey and experience how foods impact how my body operates, deciding to eat something regularly that is literally making me ill – just doesn’t seem worth it.

I have seen the effects of toxifying my body first hand. I had adult acne, severe pain in my joints, dry hair, bad digestion and inflammation…and this was while I was vegan and eating by standards considered “healthy”. Both of my grandmothers suffer from dementia. And I turned 40 six months ago. I am fighting to keep my body machine functioning to the best of its ability. I will not sit back and eat myself into becoming unnecessarily sick and weak.

Once I started eating by the Dr. Sebi Nutritional Guide all my issues subsided. I’m still blown away..and grateful! During the course of this lifestyle, I’ve indulged in things not on the list during social gatherings or on vacation. And EVERY time, my body told me that it wasn’t a good idea. I’d get inflammation for a few days and my joints would ache, I’d feel constipated, or get a patch of acne on my face or shoulders. So, if I see in a Dr. Sebi video or read on Dr. Sebi’s Who & What Group that a food isn’t best to eat; It gets taken out of my kitchen (or put in the back of the cabinet just in case, lol.). See, NOW I know that it’s just about changing the ingredients in the meals I eat and not changing my menu. I eat the same stuff I always did – it’s just nutrient dense and organic.

Are there items on the list that you may question if they should be on or off? If you are a diligent researcher and fully understand the concepts that brought Dr. Sebi to his conclusions, perhaps. If you feel the list provided from the office doesn’t fully represent what Dr. Sebi has said in his videos, then, perhaps. But if not…and you feel another researcher or doctor has a more sound position on a food item, then go in that doctor’s group and praise their logic instead of coming into Dr. Sebi’s groups to try to disprove his rationalization. Most of us wouldn’t have a way to compare and contrast foods and their nutritional value without using Dr. Sebi’s research as the base for the initial knowledge.

I know that I have healed from eating from the Nutritional Guide. And I’m still healing. After following the proper portions for the Standard American Diet, becoming a vegetarian, following the blood type diet, then adapting veganism – I have never felt the complete wellness that I feel now. I want to motivate people to embrace or at least try eating exclusively from the Nutritional Guide for a week – without altering it!! – and see if you don’t feel more balanced and detoxified. This is why I co- authored the Mucus Free Food Detox.

  • Here is my before and after picture; but to be honest, my issues weren’t dependent on what year it was but what week. I’d eat something..or a series of somethings and my weight could go up 4-7 pounds in a few days. And it isn’t that I think I looked “fat” in my before picture. What I did feel was bloated, dehydrated, and in pain from inflammation ( I was on vacation and drinking alcohol). This isn’t about being skinnier (* I have dropped 15 pounds), it’s about feeling better. If this sounds like you, then adopting this way of eating may be the way to “the other side of it”. Best of luck, my friends!




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