With the continuous pressure of modern life we often find ourselves to be drifters in our own mind, enslaved by exterior factors and bad habits. These bad habits are both the product of our our own evolutionary heritage, and strategized brain washing by various media outlets.

In this article we’ll cover practical ways you can implement to regain control of your mind. In the process, you’ll learn to reduce, and eventually eliminate uncontrolled thoughts, and energy consuming mind chatter.


Be the captain


While it may sound too simple to be effective, taking command of your inner voice is quite a powerful technique.

Being self reflective and taking note of the actions of your inner voice is a giant leap toward regaining ownership on its own.

Many people attempt to ignore their inner voice when noticing a negative pattern in order to reduce its effect, but commanding it is far more effective.

Start by introducing the word STOP to this voice, and be as firm as possible in doing so. Show it who’s boss and stop it in its tracks. If you find yourself having a particularly obsessive pattern of recurring thoughts which you’re unable to fight off using this method, consider swapping it with a positive thought.


Be selective about how you spend your day


Being prone to distractions has really reached a whole new level with the introduction of smartphones, along with other passive activities such as watching TV. We are so busy keeping up with the latest meaningless information that we end up completely ignoring what we actually want to do.

Start planning your day ahead, making it an important goal to spend quality time doing something you truly want to.

This could be a hobby, or a craft that you truly enjoy participating in. Spend more quality time with those you love and love you. A great way to look at it is an investment in your own well being.




Meditating is a highly productive and beneficial technique, especially in the field of regaining control of the inner workings of your mind. Most of us have tried meditation at one point in our life, yet we gave up on it for some reason. This is no random reason, but in fact our own faulty thought processes taking control, convincing us that it’s just not for us.

Once you truly commit yourself to meditate you’ll learn the true meaning of focus. You will learn to empty and rid yourself of the default processes that your brain is accustomed to and are detrimental to your well being. Instead, you will be able to have a clearer understanding of what it is you want to do, and how to do it.


Self Hypnosis


Forget all you learned about self hypnosis from silly television shows meant for pure entertainment. Self-hypnosis is no magic trick by any means, but actually a highly practical exercise in self induced power of suggestion.

Simply put, self hypnosis can  help you reach a heightened state of concentration. Once achieved, employing various techniques for breaking poor associations of your mind begins replacing them with positive ones.

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