The effects of pesticides on the human body have yet to be clearly determined. I don’t see a reason to take the risk. People who can afford to buy organic produce on a regular basis don’t take the risk. Why should I?

I hear friends, family members and people I come across complaining about how much more expensive it is to buy organic. I say pay it up front and not on the back end. Or just prioritze healthy food in you life over new clothes and accessories.

When it comes time to spend a little extra on organics at the supermarket and you feel uneasy, just imagine the 3 most expensive items in your closet at home and consider how often you wear them, how much they cost and what they’re doing for you right at that moment. Most likely its not often, too much and absolutely nothing. Is this fair to our mind and body? Of course not.

$200 for a new pair of boots, a bag or a game system seems reasonable when considered. But 2.99 per lb for organic kale is just unheard of. 6.00 for a bag of organic apples is just rediculous to some of us.

There’s nothing like showing up at the Dr’s office in our stylish wears to find out we’re pre-diabetic and must now refrain from eating our favorite treats all together and implement more foods we’re not so fond of….or suffer.

I happen to enjoy cookies and muffins and cakes….but if I don’t have balalnce I could be told I can’t have them at all. How silly would that be. Just because I can’t be moderate I must stop completely? It easily comes to this in the lives of many. Don’t let it happen in your life.

Learn about the produce that should almost always be organic. I’ve published a list before. But take matters into your own hands and do some research. Not knowing is no longer an excuse in the age of the internet and smart-phone. The instant gratification of knowing is at your fingertips. For your own sake, the sake of the ones you love and those that love you, use it.



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