Fitness tips for your weight loss success

Living a healthy lifestyle means creating true balance in your life. The feeling of achievement at having maintained my 50 pound weight loss for over 16 months is immeasurable.There are three components that have helped me achieve long term weight loss. Weight loss is an incredible achievement and there are a lot of ways to go about it, you may even want to consider a gastric band, you can find out more by visiting, however you may just want to carry on reading my fantastic journey first before deciding what is the right decision for you…

Once you have decided to lose fat and get in shape, you should start by incorporating these three components, while following these tips:

1 : Proper Nutrition. A nutritional program that avoids the 3 Body Bulgers: Salt, Sugar, and Fat. Eat meals that incorporate quality proteins and carbohydrates with some good fats. (essential fatty acids). Great foods to include in your diet are kale, spinach, almonds, grape seed oil, lentils and avocado. Completely avoid fast food and TV dinners.

  • Eat four (4) meals or more instead of one or two big meals. If you choose low fat, low sodium, and low sugar foods, and eat more often, you will speed up your metabolism and lose more fat. You will also be able to sustain your weight loss easier. Many of those who become obese have slow metabolisms due to eating only once a day and not exercising. Food is not the problem. Food is the answer!! You will not have weight loss success if you cut way back on your food consumption or starve yourself.
  • Purchase “no salt” items to keep your diet low sodium. The addition of lemon instead of salt on many foods will provide the flavor punch you need to go from drab to tasty.
  • Remove the skin before you eat your chicken and only use spices and seasonings that do not have salt added. You can use garlic, paprika, pepper, curry powder, and onion powder as well as dozens of others but do not use garlic salt, onion salt, or high sodium seasonings.
  • Eat low-fat meats such as extra lean ground turkey breast and chicken, which are good sources of protein. Egg whites or Egg Beaters are also an excellent protein source.
  • Do not eat high sodium breads like bagels and english muffins. Instead replace those items with no salt breads and no salt pita bread. This alone will make a big difference on your progress.
  • Always keep a drink of ice water by your side so that you drink enough fluids each day.
  • Try not to keep foods in the house that conflict with your healthy eating regimen.
  • Do not grocery shop when you are hungry. It can cause you to go out of bounds.
  • Be aware that “fat free” does not mean that it is a healthy food for your program. A fat free food is not necessarily low in salt or sugar or even carbohydrates.
  • Learn to read the labels on foods and learn what foods are high in fat, sodium, and sugar.
2 : Proper Exercise. Before getting started, you’ll want to find yourself fitness apparel like mens workout pants from Ryderwear so that you can exercise in comfort and style. Joining a health club or clinic and working with a trainer to develop a work out plan is ideal, however, having a great work out partner over the long term can help you stay motivated and help you feel more accountable to your routine. If you want to find out about what clinics can offer you, visit here to learn more. As well as this, incorporating challenging workouts that will elevate your heart rate into the target heart rate zone for maximum fat burning and conditioning keeps the scale on point.

  • Exercise at the time of day that is most comfortable for you. Anytime is better than no time!

  • Substitute a good workout in place of watching television or a movie.
  • When traveling, always choose a hotel with an exercise facility. Then use it every day.
  • Incorporate strength training each week with each workout. Contrary to popular belief, cardio exercise is not the key to weight loss and fat loss.

3: Proper Rest. Rest is also a very important component when getting in shape. Your body recovers and rebuilds at rest. If you don’t get the sleep you need, you will be more apt to feel “too tired to work out”.

  • Reward yourself with non-food items: clothing, movies, weekend -get- aways which you may be able to more easily afford due to the savings you will find from not dining out for the majority of your lunches & dinners.
  • Lastly, don’t make excuses… You can change the way that you look and feel. You have the option to be physically and mentally strong or allow yourself to be weak and succumb to life’s pitfalls.


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